Halloween activities perfect for 2020


As we continue with our new normal, Halloween might be slightly different this year as we are unable to throw our usual Halloween parties, or venture out to our favourite Halloween themed events. But this is not to say you can’t still have fun this Halloween! Why not try some alternative fun activities with members of your household or some virtual events! We’ve listed a few activities below so you can enjoy this Halloween, without facing those deadly fines!

1. Dress up!

Just because you’re not going out this Halloween, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Why not experiment with some scary makeup designs and create some spooky looks! You could even take some pictures for your social media pages or join us for our Halloween Makeup competition and be in with a chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher!

2. Pick a Pumpkin

You’ve got to have a pumpkin on Halloween, so why not pick your own! There are lots of ‘Pick your own pumpkin’ places nearby (The PopUp Farm, The Patch, Cammas Hall, Hitchin Lavender, Foxholes Farm). So, why not visit one this weekend and get your pumpkin in time for Halloween! 

3. Do some Pumpkin Carving 

Once you’ve picked your own pumpkin, it’s only right that you do some pumpkin carving! Show off your crafting skills and create some epic pumpkin designs! Not only is this a fun activity to do with your household but you could also do it outside with family and friends (socially distanced and less than 6 people of course!) Join us for our Virtual pumpkin carving competition, and find out who has the best pumpkin design! 

4. Decorate your house and living spaces

Once you’ve carved your pumpkins, get decorating and make your home look spook-tacular! You could go all out with the decorations, or just put up a few small ones. Whatever you prefer, make your home feel special this Halloween! 

5. Host a scary movie night

As we can’t go out, why not plan a night in and watch your favourite Halloween movie! Whether you fancy a bit of Hocus Pocus or something a bit scarier like Scream, use this as an excuse to have a cosy night in with your favourite scary movie!

6. Make some Halloween treats 

You could always make some tasty Halloween treats too! Whether you fancy something savoury or your would prefer something a bit sweeter, there are loads of delicious Halloween themed dishes you could make! Click here for some scarily good Halloween cake recipes! 

7. Make some spooky cocktails 

What goes well with some good food? That’s right – cocktails! Why not create some creepy cocktails or monster mocktails to celebrate Halloween too! Click here for some terrific recipes! 

8. Listen to a Halloween playlist on Spotify

Listening to music is a great way to get into the spirit of things, so put on a Halloween playlist to celebrate! You could create your own playlist or to save you time Spotify have already created one already, which you can listen to here.

9. Get involved in some Halloween games 

Why not make an evening of it and play some Halloween games with your housemates! You could do some Apple Bobbing, make a Halloween quiz or get creative and think of some of your own games. You could even put on some music, drink your cocktails, play a few games and make it a Halloween party! (But remember, if you’re living in halls, just keep the guestlist to you and your housemates)

10. Find a Halloween event nearby: 

If you’re disappointed that you can’t go out this Halloween, why not explore the events going on nearby that you can attend safely. As well as pumpkin picking, in Hertfordshire there are lots of events going on! For example, you could take a walk on the pumpkin trail at Hatfield house or you could visit the Dinos after Dark at Paradise Wildlife Park! There's lots going on so get involved!


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