Must have vegan sweets and treats this Christmas!

If you are new to veganism or aren't quite sure what treats to buy for any vegans in your family this Christmas - we've got you covered! There has never been a better time to buy vegan treats - there are loads of great vegan alternative options for sweets, chocolate, cakes and desserts now in supermarkets and on the high street. So, we've put together a list of the essential vegan delectables currently on the market!




Nomo chocolate is absolutely delicious and can be found in Sainsbury’s. They do various sized bars and have just released new caramel drops which are amazing! Perfect for quick treats or stocking fillers.




The perfect extra stocking filler. Booja-Booja do a whole range chocolate boxes that vary in size from gourmet truffles to delicious honeycomb caramels. Available in most supermarkets or Holland & Barrett.


Hotel Chocolat 


A little pricier but Hotel Chocolat is to die for! The perfect luxury gift. They’ve recently expanded their vegan range to include a milk chocolate alternative range of truffles, white chocolate and their classic batons!


Vegan Galaxy 


All vegans were excited when Galaxy launched their new vegan range this year including flavours like; crumbled cookie, salted caramel, mint, orange and caramelised hazelnut! As good as it sounds! Available in most supermarkets.


Oggs Cakes


Oggs are out of this world, the best vegan cakes on the high-street for sure! They do a whole range from celebration cakes, lemon drizzle and mini cakes including Victoria sponge, chocolate fudge and caramel. The perfect addition for your vegan guests.


Bourneville Fingers


Cadbury have just released Bournville Fingers which happen to be vegan. These are an essential addition to your Christmas biscuit selection. You just can’t go wrong!


Plant Kitchen sticky toffee pudding


M&S do a whole range of vegan treats in their Plant Kitchen range but the one to look out for this Christmas has to be their sticky toffee pudding. If you’re struggling what to get the vegans for pudding, this is the one! 


Vegan Billionaires Shortbread 


Kirsty’s have just released this to-die-for vegan Billionaires Shortbread which is the perfect indulgence for vegan’s this Christmas! Available now at Tesco and Asda.




Why not make your own homemade tin of vegan ‘Quality Street’


If you fancy getting creative why not create your own vegan alternative tin of Quality Street. Simply buy all the vegan chocolates you can find on the high-street, wrap them in different coloured foil and store in an old Celebrations, Roses or Quality Street tin. Any vegans in your family with a sweet tooth will thank you!


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