7 simple ideas for Christmas crafts

It can be tricky coming up with craft ideas, especially if you’re not that creative, but they can be so simple and really make your home feel extra Christmassy! They’re also a great excuse to distract the kids and keep them occupied for an hour or two. Maybe that’s a little too optimistic... 

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of some simple festive ideas!



DIY Coasters


These pipe-cleaner coasters are really easy to make and perfect if you need a new activity to distracts the kids. They’re also really cute and will help make your surfaces super festive!


Follow the steps at Sugar and Charm.



Faux Garlands


If you’re not the most creative, you can easily fashion an effective festive garland by using green construction paper, faux berries and string. Some assembly required.  



DIY Stockings


If you want to do something creative but also make something that will last, these easy DIY stockings from are festive and quirky and you can reuse them year after year!


Follow the steps at The House Lars Built. 



Origami Christmas Trees


Super easy and all you need is paper and scissors. Plus you can make them into a garland or attach them to your gifts as extra accessories.


Follow the steps at Sugar and Charm.



Confetti Ornaments


Another one for the kids. These confetti ornaments are super easy and only require any shredded paper you have lying around after wrapping presents.


Follow the steps at Mod Podge Rocks.




Coffee Filter Garland 


It’s amazing how easy it easy to turn your old rubbish into something festive and there is no better example than these Coffee Filter garlands!


Follow the steps at Country Living.




Paper Poinsettia Flowers


If you want something to liven up the room, these paper Poinsettia flowers are simple to make and will keep your home looking festive all season. 


Follow the easy steps at The House That Lars Built.


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