Valentine's Day ideas no matter what your situation


This year will be the first Valentine’s Day to take place during lockdown, so we’re all going to have to get extra creative in the romance department. Given that it’s been such a challenging year for all of us, try to have fun with Valentine’s this year and treat yourself. Even though we can’t be together in the ways we normally would, we can still all make an effort for those we love this Valentine’s, no matter who they are. 


Here’s some tips whatever your situation: 


Solo Valentine’s 

1. Self-love: It’s been a tough year, so you deserve some pampering. Why not make Valentine’s a day for you? Take a long bath, have a glass of wine or your favourite drink. Do whatever makes you happy; read a book; watch whatever you want on telly and take care of yourself. 

2. Go all out and cook a fancy meal or get your favourite takeout! Whatever’s your favourite; steak and chips? Gourmet burgers? Deliveroo Nando’s? 

3. Check in with those you love – give your friends and family a call or chat to them over Zoom. It’s important to stay connected and let people know how you’re feeling and how your day has been. Valentine’s Day is ultimately about being close to the ones you love. 


Couples Valentine’s 

1. Even though we can’t go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, Valentine’s is still a great excuse to get dressed up and make big romantic gestures. Why not order a big bouquet of flowers and bring the restaurant experience to your front room? 

2. There is nothing more romantic than cooking dinner for your partner, so why not ditch the take-away menus and get in the kitchen to make the day extra special.  

3. To avoid any arguments, have a movie night where you both choose something to watch so there is no squabbling or endless Netflix scrolling! 


Virtual Valentine’s 

1. Don’t let not being together stop you from being together. Have you considered cooking together over Zoom? You could both make the perfect romantic meal which will help bring you closer together. 

2. To make things more special, be sure to dress up for the occasion – at least the top half; you can probably still get away with joggers for the bottom half! 

3. Do something to surprise each other on the day. Order each other flowers or chocolates. The classics will feel extra special this year.  




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