How you can celebrate this Easter from the comfort of your home

Even though things aren't back to normal just yet, there is still much to look forward to this Easter. We're all excited to be together and celebrate in-person again soon, but until then there are still lots of activities you can get involved in from the comfort of your home! We have listed a few below to get you started!

Eat lots of Hot cross buns and Easter eggs!

Easter is a great time for eating lots of nice food! So, take advantage and tuck into lots of hot cross buns and Easter eggs! If you haven’t been able to find any in the shops, you could always try and make your own. There are some great recipes out there you can follow, including this one from BBC Good Food.

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts were so much fun as a child! But the fun doesn’t have to stop once you hit adulthood! Throw an Easter egg hunt for you and the people you live with. You don’t need to have a garden to get involved – just hide some eggs round the house! If you’re living on your own, you can always start hiding them in different rooms and see if you can remember where you put them – or just eat them all in one go. Whatever works for you!

Plant some flowers or buy some colourful flowers from the supermarket

Easter is all about renewal so why not plant some flowers! This will occupy some time and will help you to get some fresh air. If you don’t want to plant anything, then just buy some flowers from the supermarket! Easter is a very colourful holiday, so why not spruce up your house with a colourful bouquet!

Paint some eggs

Painting eggs has always been popular at Easter and if you’ve never given it a try, now is the perfect time! Not only is it very festive, it is also very relaxing! To find some good designs, click here.

Easter crafts

Easter crafts are the perfect distraction for the Easter weekend. Try to do something different this Easter weekend and get involved in some Easter crafts! Be creative and stimulate your mind. You might find you have a unknown talent.

These activities are great for both kids and adults so perfect if you are trying to do something as a family too!

If you are spending Easter alone, why not facetime a friend or family member and get creating together virtually or have a competition to see whose is better!

Some examples of things you could make are:

- Easter bonnet

- Easter bunny ears

- Egg Carton

- Easter masks

- Bunny baskets

Click here for some more ideas on what to make.

Make a photo album/scrapbook

Easter is known for new beginnings. So, why not use the long weekend to start making a photo album or scrapbook. Browse through your camera or phone and print off your favourite photos. You can slot them into an album, or get people involved by cutting them up and sticking them in a scrapbook. This is a great way to get creative and get the whole family involved. It can also be really uplifting to talk about happy memories you all share.

Give a gift basket to the vulnerable/those in need

Everyone has been pulling together to help vulnerable people get the supplies they need. This couldn’t be more important around the holiday time; show someone you care by buying them an Easter egg to go with their box of supplies. If you need something for the kids to do, why not have them decorate the box with your best Easter designs.

Easter Film Festival

Easter is the perfect time to kick back, relax and put on a good film! With so many options of films to watch, why not try some Easter themed movies:

- Peter rabbit
- Hop
- Rise of the guardians
- The dog who saved Easter
- Zootopia

And if you don’t want to watch those, check out our list of movies and TV shows, put together by our students.

Easter bunny sports day

Keeping active while staying safe is vitally important for everyone during this lockdown. Why not turn your garden or your living room into an Easter bunny training room. Time how many hops you can do in a minute, how many eggs you can find in five minutes or simply who can do the best nose twitch.

Make rainbow pancakes, chocolate nests or Easter cookies

Baking is a really great pastime to do over the Easter weekend, especially because there is so many different Easter treats for you to choose from!

One of my favourites is Rainbow pancakes! These not only taste great, but they look amazing too and perfect for the Easter weekend. Check out the recipe here.
You can also find some other Easter dessert recipes here.

If you are after something a bit more savoury, click here.

UH Chaplaincy

As University Chaplain I am delighted to tell you that, unlike last year, there will be in-person Easter services in the local area, with Covid guidelines in place. 


St John’s (just off College Lane) information can be found here 

St Etheldreda’s and St Luke’s information can be found here 

(services are also available online) 



St Peter’s information can be found here 

Specific resources for prayer this year can be found here 

You can read the Chaplain’s Easter blog here 



Why do we celebrate Easter? 

Sunday 28 March is Palm Sunday, when Christians remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He was greeted as a king. It’s the start of Holy Week when Christians engage with the death and resurrection of Jesus. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and that is the proof of eternal life. Most Christians will attend a service every day if they can to follow the story of the Passion of Christ. 

On Maundy Thursday we remember the Last Supper, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and was betrayed by Judas into the hands of the Romans. 

On Good Friday, the most solemn day, we engage with the crucifixion and death of Jesus. 

On Easter Saturday we have evening services of light to celebrate the resurrection, with a candle being brought into church, and on Easter Sunday we rejoice with greetings of ‘Christ is risen!’, ‘He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!’ Easter eggs (chocolate!) are exchanged as gifts to represent new life and the stone rolling away from Jesus’ tomb. 

However you celebrate Easter this year, stay safe and may God bless you!  

  • - Reverend Fiona Souter, University Chaplain 

You can follow the Chaplaincy at @uhchaplain on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The Chaplaincy is closed over the Easter break but please email where there is information on how to get support in that time. 


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