Why you should complete the NSS

From February to April
, Herts will be participating in the National Student Survey, more commonly known as the NSS. It’s a national survey that invites final year students, from across the UK, to share their thoughts about their experience at uni. 


While it might just seem like another survey to many, its actually quite important! We caught up with Karthik, your Students’ Union president, to see how he was getting on, and to find out why he thinks every student should take the time to participate in the NSS.

Herts: Hey Karthik, how are you? 

Karthik: I’m good thanks. Busy, but good! 

Herts: How have you been finding things since working from home? 

Karthik: It’s not too bad. tend to throw myself into work during the week, but I also make sure I get out into the fresh air each day for a walk - it definitely helps to keep me in a good headspace. 

Herts: That so good to hear, it’s amazing what a little walk can do for your mindset! Ok so let's chat NSS. We are sure it’s a term that many final year students have heard, but can you tell us what it actually is. 

Karthik: Yeah sure. To put it simply, the NSS is a survey of all students who are in their final year of study. Loads of unis across the UK ask their students to fill it out as it helps them understand more about students' experiences. It asks about your course, what you think of the learning facilities such as the LRCs, your view of student support and more. Everything really. 

Herts: So, it pretty much covers all aspects of student life? 

Karthik: Yes, it does! It also asks about the learning community and student voice. 

Herts: Can you tell us why it’s so important for students to fill it out? 

Karthik: Because it helps improve Herts. If you think about it, if Herts doesn’t know what students think of their uni experience, how do they know what is working well? And how do they know what needs to be improved or changed? It helps them to see things through students’ eyes and then make improvements. 

Herts: Sounds interesting, however, how much of the feedback given actually goes on to make improvements? 

Karthik: Loads! That’s the thing here, Herts really do care. And I’ve seen that so much more since I’ve been in my President role. I get to go to some pretty big meetings now where I speak to our Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-ChancellorDeans of Schools and other Directors and they always ask me what students think. So, I guess that is another reason why NSS is so important – the uni really values students’ opinions and take notice of the comments in the survey. 

Herts: And how will final years get to benefit from any of the changes made from NSS feedback? Won’t they have graduated by the time the changes are made?


Karthik: I get why some students might feel like that, but I encourage them not to. Just because they may not directly benefit, other student will. And don’t forget, there are things that are in place right now that came out of NSS – so final years are still benefitting. Take for example computer loans. That was driven by student feedback and I’m pretty sure some of our final years will have used them! 

Herts: Is that the computer loans through the LRCs? That was student feedback? 

Karthik: Yes, that's exactly right. While it might have come from a previous NSS, final years are benefiting from it now. Imagine if students hadn’t suggested it – that service probably wouldn’t be in place today. 

Herts: Is there anything else that student feedback has introduced? 

Karthik: There is loads, too much to list! But the more recent things are the current individual study spaces on campus. They came from student feedback and so did the one-to-one academic support sessions that all students get. Feedback has also driven a lot of the social activities during the last year including the free society memberships and the new Herts Virtual Community. 

Herts: Ok so it certainly sounds like it’s worth filling out. Where can students take the survey, and does it take long to do? 

Karthik: It’s an online survey so you just go onto the NSS website which is www.thestudentsurvey.com. And no it wont take long to fill out, only 5-10 minutes. Maybe a little longer if you want to add extra comments – these are actually quite useful to Herts so I’d recommend adding any if you can. 

Herts: Are there any other reasons to fill it out? 

Karthik: Well, there is the prize draw! 

Herts: Prizes?! 

Karthik: Any student who fills out the survey before Wednesday 31 March goes into a draw where they can win a top prize of £500 cash. There are also 20 runners up prizes of £100 in vouchers. 

Herts: Not bad for 5-10 minutes of your time! 

Karthik: No not bad at all! 

Herts: Ok that’s all of our questions Karthik so thank you for chatting with us! 

Karthik: You’re welcome and thank you for letting me share my thoughts on the survey. 

You can take the survey now at www.thestudentsurvey.com. Remember to fill it our before 31 March to be entered into the prize draw!



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