Let's go hide (and study) in the Learning Resources Centre

Joanna Szpunar, our student technology mentor takes us through why the Learning Resources Centres, our big libraries, are her chosen spot for studying. 

Herts has lots of spaces on-campus for you to use when studying. My favourite spots include the Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) at both College Lane and de Havilland. These are basically big libraries open 24/7. 

I think that the LRCs are the ideal place to hide with your laptop in the corner to revise and do some research for upcoming assignments. However, it is also a place to meet your friends. 

Both LRCs are located near to the on-campus accommodation and are open every day, which makes them easy and convenient to get to. Let’s explore why many students love spending their free time in the LRCs.

The LRCs provide access to many printed resources for each School that you can use for their course and build on their knowledge. There are many PCs and Macs installed with a wide range of software applications for general and specialised subject-related use, this makes them convenient in use, as there is no need to bring your own device with you.

If you prefer to use a laptop or you want to take a device with you like to classes, there is a laptop loan service available next to the entrance to each LRC that allows you to borrow a Chromebook for up to 12 hours.

What is more, self-service print, copy, and scan devices are available inside both LRCs. You need to have credit in your print and photocopy account to make use of them, but the University automatically adds £5 print credit to undergraduate student accounts at the start of each academic year to help students start with fully using provided facilities.

In both of the LRCs, you also have an option to book a group study room which is a perfect option if you want to study with your friends with no one disturbing you or when working on a group project for one of your modules. In addition, the top floor of the College Lane LRC is considered a silent floor, which makes it an ideal environment if you struggle with a short concentration span and preferring to study individually. Since everyone needs to have a break from studying from time to time, there is a cosy café where you can have a chat with your friends and buy some snacks and drinks.

It’s also worth noting that you can find a Study Success Hub on the ground floor at each of the LRCs. Study Success Hubs are made of a friendly team of experts that are here to support you to succeed in your studies. They can help with everything from specialist English and Maths support to 1-to-1 advice on finding the best resources to managing your workload and assignments.

There is also technical assistance available and, depending on the issue, it might involve technical specialists helping you to solve a more demanding problem or a 1-to-1 chat with one of the Student Technology Mentors (like me!) that can support you with developing your digital skills and share our experiences using technologies.

Although I’ve covered some of the most important features of the studying in the LRCs, there are many more reasons why to love our LRCs and other unique places at both campuses that can support you with succeeding in your studies. Definitely spend some time in your first few months to explore and find your favourite spot for studying! 


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