Money: Our tips for being a money savvy student

Avoiding checking your bank account? Don’t worry, we all do it, especially when it feels like we’ve just been spending and spending. Before you start to panic, we’ve curated some top tips to help you avoid situations like that in the future. Make sure you make the most of our student finance team who are on hand to give advice and support with regular drop-in sessions and appointments.

Budget, budget, budget!

This is THE biggest thing that will help you manage your money successfully. We have a free online money management tool, Blackbullion, that can help educate and provide you with essential money management skills.

You can create your own budget template, learn different ways of saving and money management, or browse through the funding hub where you can find all sorts of financial aid from scholarships and bursaries to grants and hardship funds.

Why not try a separate bank account for your savings? Having all your money in the same account can make it easy to go on a spending spree, especially after payday. By separating out your ‘essential bill money’ from your ‘fun spending money’, future you will be grateful when the rent is due. 

Fancy loads of discounts?

Want money off your next shopping trip? Or a discount on your next ‘treat myselfspending spree? Student discount sites like Unidays, StudentBeans, and Totum will become your best friends. With a massive variety of discounts that are constantly changing and updating there will be some gems to find. For even more money-saving deals, remember to grab a loyalty card next time you’re at your favourite supermarket and scan it each time you go to build up a collection of rewards and points you can use in-store.

You know that student ID card you always carry around? It doesn’t just let you into buildings and register attendance - it can be used for discounts too! Ask the cashier at every shop you go into; you could get at least 10% off so there’s no harm in trying.

You can also get discounts on transport with your student ID card! Our Uno buses offer discounted rates to Herts students for single, return, and zone tickets across Hertfordshire. So now any time you fancy a day out exploring the county, show the driver your card and enjoy money off your trip.

Travel by rail instead? There’s a selection of railcards you can buy which will give you a third off all rail fares.

If you’re also looking to open a student bank account, you can get one for free with Santander! Make sure to shop around though, as you can score some nifty deals with cash incentives at a variety of different banks. 

Extra income and financial support 

Looking to earn a bit of money to help pay the bills? There’s loads of opportunities for part time work on and off campus. Make sure you’re signed up to Handshake for up-to-date job adverts in the area, you can even set up alerts straight to your inbox!  


If you’re a night owl, Herts SU offers part time bar work for students at the forum on campus. Or drop into the career studio to check out their board of local jobs going or get CV and application advice. 


There are so many schemes available to help you save money in every aspect of your life. If you’re still in need of a bit of extra support, we’re here for you. We have a variety of grants and funds available in Blackbullion. Or you can attend a drop-in session with our student finance team for help with your application. Make sure to get in touch with our wellbeing team if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Remember, money shouldn’t control you, don’t let it! 


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