Christmas movies to binge

Now that it’s Christmas break, it’s the perfect time to binge any and every festive movie you can find. Whether it’s you’re looking for new things to watch or want to revisit your old favourite, grab the popcorn and snuggle under a blanket, we’ve got a list of all your favourite things to watch and where to find them!  

Home Alone

The first movie was released over 30 years ago but is by far the most popular Christmas movie among our students at Herts. If you’re looking for a laugh, this movie is definitely a good start. Kevin is left at home while his family go abroad for Christmas, as you can imagine, leaving an 8 year old alone can result in some mischievous consequences, especially when some burglars pay the house a visit! This movie is full of humorous booby traps and offers a light-hearted escape. You can find it through a Disney+ subscription or to rent off Amazon Prime.  

Harry Potter 

Harry Potter marathons tend to come hand in hand with this time of year. Arguably the Philosopher’s Stone is the most festive, but once you’ve watched the first one you have to watch the rest... Right? Set in a world full of magic, the movies follow the life of a young boy named Harry as he goes through his years at a school for witchcraft and wizardry. Each year he finds himself and his two best friends in trouble as he who shall not be named hunts him down with a lifelong vendetta. All the movies are available on Netflix.  


Who doesn’t love a bit of silly comedy with Will Ferrell? Follow Buddy the elf, who doesn’t quite fit in, as he leaves Santa’s workshop in an attempt to find himself. He navigates the streets of New York looking for his real Father, a cynical businessman. Enjoy some Christmassy chaos and remember, 'treat every day like it’s Christmas' 😉 Find on NowTV with a cinema subscription or available to rent on Amazon Prime.  

Love Actually

This movie couldn’t be any more of a feel-good Christmas movie, especially when it's shown on repeat every year! This one is definitely hard to miss. Following multiple storylines as they come to fruition at the end, the characters can all fall in love just in time for Christmas. Providing a beautiful narrative about the pure uncomplicated love of friends and family, this light-hearted rom-com can be found on Netflix.  

The Nativity  

Ever thought the retelling of the nativity could include a death slide, costume changes, a smoke machine and wait for it... Angels on wires? Well, this British Christmas favourite follows a primary school’s retelling of the traditional nativity story as it gets out of hand. Full of catchy songs, this movie will certainly bring some festive cheer. Find it on BBC iPlayer with a TV licence. 



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