My Experience of Wearing a Sunflower Lanyard on Campus


My name is Mandy Lloyd and I work as a School Administrator in the Schools of Law and Education where I’ve been working for the last few monthsBefore this I worked as EA to the Dean of School in the School of Humanities and then in SSHEI’ve been wearing a sunflower lanyard for about 4 years now ever since I had multiple surgeries on the hamstrings in my legs resulting from years of running and excessive sporting activities which has left me with leg pain and pain on sitting. 

My experience is very positive as I am lucky to work in a team who are very accommodating to my limitationsI have a stand-up desk and as I cannot sit for long periods, I am able to drive to work out of rush-hour trafficI have a blue badge which allows me to park without difficulty so I consider myself lucky (if one can say that)My colleagues are very sympathetic and I’m grateful to be able to continue to be a full member of the team even with my limitations. 

I would like to make more people aware of the lanyard so that other colleagues can understand that whilst the person with the lanyard has some limitations (whatever they may be) it doesn’t mean that they can’t do the job as well as a fully able personThe more visible this is the better. 

Find out more about our Hidden Disability support here at Herts.


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