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UH Wins Datacentre Leaders Award 2010

Hot off the press – I was honoured to pick up the award for “Innovation in the Micro-Data Centre” last night at the Lancaster Hotel in London.  We entered this category last year, and although reaching the finals, our project wasn’t complete and therefore could not present a strong enough case – now it can…and has!

Recognition is a curious thing – I’ve spent a large part of this year going to conferences and speaking on this project, but while it is easy to dismiss awards as an industry giving itself a pat on the back, but there are two reasons why I think they matter:

1.  The more awareness that an award generates, the more likely other organisations will realise just what is being achieved out in the industry and seek to emulate it.  A lot of great work is being done but it rarely breaks cover until publicised.  Green IT is strangely prevalent only in pockets of organisations and may even come about by accident (under the guise of “cost-savings”) rather than by design

2.  Awards like this are not just handed out like tea and biscuits at a village fete; having a prestigious panel of industry experts review and assess your project means that what you can give back to the industry in terms of advice and help is given a stamp of approval. As a university, we believe it is vitally important to impart and disseminate knowledge and learning to where it’s needed most.  This award at least shows we know what we’re talking about and can also turn knowledge into practical results.

Overall a great year for us, and while I plan for two power outages over the next three weeks, I would like to wish all readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or seasonal good cheer -wherever you happen to be!

Presenting and Exporting Green ICT to Germany (Steve Phipps)

Richard and I presented at the DataCenter Dynamics Public Sector Conference in Manchester on Monday 10 May.  Attended by around 300 Public Sector professionals and supplier organisations, this conference was targeted specifically at addressing the issues around managing, refurbishing and building data centres and the impact of the “G” (Government) Cloud on Public Sector strategy.

We had a good attendance for our case study “Micro Data Centre Refurbishment – Overcoming Physical and Budgetary Constraints in a Legacy Mixed-Use Facility” and the feedback afterwards was excellent.  More details on the conference can be found here: bit.ly/afDHUi

I also travelled to the University of Bremen last week, where I contributed to a joint exercise with Oxford University in exporting Green ICT to Germany.  Howard Noble from Ox Uni spoke on the Desktop PC angle, including tackling the social-psychological obstacles to changing to a sustainable future.  I presented Green ICT from the Data Centre perspective, including demonstrating a methodology for tackling the challenges of sustainability in a systemic way using my in-development Sustainable ICT Maturity Model.

More details on these projects can be found here: http://bit.ly/cUA7wR and http://bit.ly/9mABw5

Bremen University hope to use what they’ve learnt from our visit to build a Green ICT educational programme, incorporating those skills into academics, students, apprentices, technicians and engineers, with collaboration from the Mittelstand (SMEs).  This may be rolled out across the region as a formalised pedagogy that would allow all Universities within Germany to offer these training programmes and set Germany on the path to a more sustainable future.  It is important to note that currently Green ICT has no foothold in the educational sector over there.