Things we are loving this month (February edition)

DO – Activity of the month

In the fight to save our planet, our activity of the month is one to encourage sustainability.

Our activity of the month is… Hertfordshire’s Vintage Kilo sale! That’s right, the UKs largest kilo sale returns on the 15 February!

Instead of buying something new, here you can shop tonnes of sustainable vintage, retro and branded fashion.

Super Early bird – Access at 10:00 (tickets ONLY)
Early bird – Access at 11:00 - £3 (on the door)
General – Access at 12:00 - £1.50 (on the door)

Get your tickets here.

You can pick out what you want from thousands of vintage items! Not only will you be helping the environment, but it will also save you loads of ££’s!
The only thing you need to do is bring your own bag!

EAT – Food of the month

As its Pancake day in February, our food of the month has got to be pancakes!
One pancake that looks amazing is BBC food Feta, roasted red pepper and pine nut pancakes! You can find the recipe here

If you want a vegan alternative, then check out our vegan pancake recipe!
Not a fan of savoury pancakes? Then try your pancake with some berries and white chocolate! Delicious!

DRINK – Drink of the month 

This month we are loving all of the plant-based milks and sugar free syrups that are available in the coffee outlets on campus!

There are a number of different options to choose from, which means we can stick to our new year healthy resolutions but not lose the great taste of our favourite drinks!

Our personal favourites are:

- Hot chocolate made with coconut milk (if you like Bounty, you will love this plant-based alternative!)
- Coconut and Vanilla latte – There are so many options to choose from so why not get both a plant-based milk AND a sugar free syrup in one! This combination is delicious!

So, feel guilt free this February and take advantage of the amazing plant-based and sugar free options in the coffee outlets all over campus!

WATCH – Netflix show of the month 

Our show to watch this month is Sex Education. The second season of Sex Education has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2020 so far!
Asa Butterfield stars as an awkward teenage boy with a sex therapist mother, who starts giving sex counselling for money. Not only is the show hilarious, but it explores very important issues of identity and intimacy in a very clever way.

BUY – Purchase of the month 

If you’re like me and love stationary, then then you’ll love kikki. K’s (Kristina Karlsson’s) 2020 diaries! It’s not too late to get yourself one!
We’re particularly loving the weekly inspiration diary in Mist Grey! It’s perfect for carrying to and from lectures!
It’s simple, yet stylish and is filled with inspiring quotes, goals pages, tips and space for reflection. This is the perfect diary for you to focus on yourself and your goals, as well as getting that all-important coursework completed!

We’re also loving her ‘Inspirational Gratitude Toolkit’ which encourages you to be thankful.
It comes with prompt cards with exercises and inspiring quotes for you to put on your wall, a notebook and a pen, and it’s exactly what we need to remind ourselves to be positive and find happiness in everyday life.

You can buy them both here.

READ – Book of the month 

This month we’re loving the book Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg!

Not only is this book a New York Times bestseller but it gives expert advice on how to live a happier, healthier life by starting with small changes.
This book helps you live the life you want to live, and most importantly be happy!

It’s important to take some time for you and to focus on your goals. Whether you want to de-stress, lose weight, sleep better, or just be happy in yourself, this book teaches you to use a simple method: make it easy, make it fit your life and make it rewarding.

LEARN – Tip of the month

This month we want to help you build, develop and improve your resilience when juggling life, learning and work-related stress.

Your University ‘LinkedIn Learning’ subscription gives you access to a range of videos and online courses with tips and hints on how to improve your Wellbeing. Log onto search for ‘Wellbeing’ and tick the box for ‘Learning Collections’ to access a sample collection of self-help resources. This month we are particularly loving the video on Self-appreciation! Check it out here.


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