How to have the best lockdown birthday!

Many of you might feel disappointed that you aren’t able to properly celebrate your birthday this winter due to Covid-19. As lots of places are  closed and we are limited on the people we can meet and the places we can go, it can be difficult to celebrate in style. However, there are lots of ways you can celebrate your special day, to make it seem a bit more exciting.

We have put together a few tips to help you have the best birthday you possibly can this lockdown!

1. DECORATIONS -The first thing to do on your birthday is to get lots of decorations! They are super important for all celebrations, so birthday decorations are a must! Get a few to decorate the house to make your day feel special. You can get some really nice ones from Amazon - check out their decorations here.

2. RAINBOW PANCAKES- It’s important to have a big and exciting breakfast on your birthday to get you ready for a great day! So, get creative and make something super yummy! After all, calories don’t count on your birthday! Rainbow pancakes are always a good idea. They are pretty easy to make; you just need the normal pancake ingredients and some food colouring. Not only are they really fun to make, they look and taste great too! For the recipe, click here.

3. GO FOR A WALK- Getting outside is super important, not only on your birthday but on any other day! Getting outside in the fresh air can help us to feel happy and positive. If you are lucky enough to have nice weather on your special day, take advantage and go for a nice walk. Enjoy yourself and relax!

4. HAVE A NICE LUNCH- As we can't go out for lunch at the moment, you can still treat yourself to a nice lunch on your birthday! Why not go to a local shop near you and get yourself a special treat, or head to Starbucks Drive Thru for a Frappuccino and a panini! Whatever you decide, make your birthday lunch extra special!

5. PRESENTS! - It is obviously very nice to receive presents on your birthday, but these are difficult times and you might not be able to see friends/family. So, make sure you treat yourself this year and get yourself a little something to open on your special day! This can be a great way of celebrating your birthday, especially if you are living alone. You could even just order yourself something sweet. For example, you can purchase large boxes of Pick N Mix here.

6. CALL/MESSAGE FRIENDS AND FAMILY- It's really important to keep connected during this time, especially on days where we would usually meet up with others! If you aren’t able to see friends and family, make sure you keep in contact with them throughout the day via phone call, facetime or even just a few messages. This will help you to feel more socially connected.

7. HAVE A SPECIAL DINNER- Again, although we still aren’t able to eat out in restaurants, make sure you do something special for dinner on your birthday. Order a takeaway or have one of your favourite meals. Birthdays are all about the food too, so make sure you take advantage and have something nice for tea!

8. CAKE! - Birthday cake is essential on your birthday so make sure you get yourself one! Don’t forget to top it with candles, even if you live alone! There are lots of local bakeries making cakes for a great price, so check out if you could order one from somewhere nearby. This way you are supporting the local community too!

9. RELAX -Take some time to relax on your birthday! If you are supposed to be working from home or studying, it can be a good idea to take the day off so you can have some time to relax too! On your birthday evening, you could get yourself a facemask and have a pamper evening. Click here for our top tips on how to have the perfect pamper evening



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